Wheezetones New Years Eve 2015
Wheezetones New Years Eve 2015
Wheezetones New Years Eve 2015
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The Music

When three guitar playing friends got together to perform a few songs back in 1991, little did they know their trio would evolve into something much bigger. 25+ years later Paul Burner, Doug Dickeson, and John Ballew are still making music. And, along with the addition of Bob Creager (drums), Kevin Moore (bass), and Ted Larson (sax/keyboards), The Wheezetones have definitely won the hearts of Lincoln, Nebraska – being voted Lincoln’s #1 Cover Band in the Lincoln Journal-Star’s Music Madness contest (2011).

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The Gigs


Roca Tavern – Outdoors
Friday, Sept. 30th, 2022
7:30PM – 10:30PM


Enjoy some of our performances streamed directly from YouTube.

  • Musical DNA

    We call it musical DNA.  It’s the term we use for a song we just instinctively know the first time we play it. We know instantly that it is a song we were meant to do.

  • 25 Years of Music

    We started this adventure in 1992 as 3 guys on acoustic guitars.  We’re now a 6-piece dance band with more equipment than talent.  One night a week – one gig a month. After 26 years you sorta end up as brothers.  Let the sibling fighting begin!

  • Early Shows for Old Men!

    You’ll typically find us performing in Lincoln NE one Friday a month.  We start early – 6:30PM or 7PM.  We’re old and we want to get home before midnight, but that doesn’t stop us from rockin’ the house as hard as we want.