Creato_BioHow long have you been playing?
I took my first drum lesson in the 7th grade. My instructor was Roger Baker, the lead percussionist for the Boston Pops. Playing straight through law school but then took a break until picking it back up the Wheezetones.

Why did you first start playing?
The Beatles of course. In my 7th grade school play, we lipped synched “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. I put on a mop wig and played a wash tub. Looking out at the crowd, enjoying the music. I was hooked.

Growing up in Boston, everyone was in some of garage band. At that time Tommy James and the Shondelles, the Kingsmen, were all local bands that made it good. Why not give it a try.

What bands have you played with?
Our first bands didn’t survive long enough to be named. But when I eventually moved to Lincoln and hooked up with some other “transplants” at East High, we formed Procenium, that later became The 25thHour which them morphed into Last Chance, the band that included current bandmate John Ballew.

What is your best gig horror story- remembering of course, that it’s family friendly
Heading toward a school dance in southeast Nebraska, with a snow storm brewing. I was hauling the gear in a trailer behind by 68 LeMans when we passed the turn-off. I proceeded to the next farm drive to turn the rig around, and missed the snow covered culvert and dropped the front end of the car into the ditch – high centered under the drivers doors.

Had no way of getting it out. We tried taking off the trailer, pushing and shoving – wouldn’t budge. The residence farmer comes wandering down the drive, trying to figure out what all the ruckus was about. Saw our plight and said “I’ll be right back”. A few minutes later the farmer comes on his prized John Deere tractor, pulls the car out of the ditch and sent us on our way.

We made it just in time.

What gear are you using now?
Converted my circa 1965 Gretsch silver sparkle acoustic set to an electronic Roland ready kit. I use a Roland TD-10 Expansion “brain” with a SPD 11 sound pad. Come to think if it, I am no longer playing drums,I am just activating midi-notes.