P1040577Why did you start playing:
Started out playing the accordion(for my father and mother)then drums(for no one in particular)then guitar(for me)then electric bass(to get girls). By the time I found out bassplayers NEVER get girls, I was too good to quit, and have been playing bass ever since.

I’ve always considered myself a bassist 1st and vocalist last. I didn’t start singing on a regular basis until the 70’s.  I consider myself a utility vocalist, singing harmony parts where needed, but would prefer to stay in the background and do,”what I do best”, play bass and “lock in” with the drummer.

My first bass was a 1953 Fender precision I paid $100 for.  Oh…..to have that bass today.

Musical influences:
Obviously “the Beatles”, I idolized Paul McCartney for playing like no other bassist I’d ever heard. James Jamerson(famed MoTown session player)who’s playing was elegant, yet so simple and Donald(Duck)Dunn, famed Muscle Shoals player.  Those were my formative years.  I’ve still tried to aquire skills from contemporary bassists, but I’m what some would call, an old school bassist.

First Album purchased:
The Beatle’s debut album.

What bands have you played with.
This would require a separate page. I’ll edit.

in the 60’s..little garage bands, that incuded my brother,who was later, a member of the “Fabulous Flippers” and  “Funk & Punch”.  We played everywhere. I was so young then, I had to wait outside the bars we played in, until the breaks were over, before I could venture back in.

Touring road bands doin’ the “ballroom” circuit sharing stages with 60’s teen stars, many of whom are now deceased, while still others, doing exactly what I do, playing because we love it.  The 70’s included a change of zipcode to Nebraska, where I played with all kinds of local bands. Country..,.big band, Rock&Roll and blues bands.  Joined the Wheezetones, after they decided, they wanted a fulltime bassist. When they asked me to join, I said, “I’d love to join but I can’t afford to pay you much”.

Gig horror story:
A U.S.O. tour 1969.  Out over the Atlantic shortly after takeoff.  Ascending to cruising altitude, The pilot was noticing some uncharacteristic drag.  Long story short…the cargo doors weren’t closed.  Anything that wasn’t strapped down, wound up in the water.  That included all of the bands gear and dangerously close to a bird colonel, traveling to his new duty assignment.

Fender 5 string..G.K. MB 500 amp.  EarCandy bass cabinet. I could rave about them, but I’m an official endorser..so….THEY’RE GREAT.

Best Concert
I’ve never been to a bad one.