Kevin Moore of the WheezetonesHow long have you been playing?
In 1965, I was eight years old. Like John, I started taking guitar lessons at Franks Guitar Studio and like the others, hated every second of it. I wanted to be like the Beatles, but was being taught what I thought was nonsense. After two years I quit, put my fake Rickenbacker style guitar under the bed, and went outside to play.

Three years later, my sister received a Beatles song book from a boyfriend. She gave it to me, so, I dusted off the guitar and started teaching myself chords.

In 1971, my family went to California where my dad was attending a medical convention. The entertainment was “UP WITH PEOPLE”. The show started with drums and bass guitar, I turned to my Dad and said, “That’s the instrument I want to play.” After getting home, My Dad showed up with an EKO Bass, and a M7 bass amp.

Why did you first start playing?
In 1972, two things happened. First, a friend from school, Dave Maser, heard I had a bass. He kept asking me to come to his house and jam. I really didn’t want to. I had barely touched the bass and to be honest, didn’t really know what “jamming” meant. Finally, I headed over to his house and he tried to teach me some very simple bass lines and failed. He told me, “you suck.” So, home I went…defeated.

This was my first of many crossroads. I had to choose whether or not I would give up or get better. I choose to get better. Thanks Dave for the push!!!

Second..EAST HIGH EXPRESSIONS!!!!…I saw it for the first time, and my goal was to play in this show!! In 1975 I did, and that’s when I met Paul Burner.

What bands have you played with?
The first real band was Starbird, followed by Fragile, Up With People, BD Roads, Keystone, Pub Brothers, Mr. Peabody, Finest Hour, Version 3, Soul Dawg, and now the ever popular Wheezetones.

What is your best gig horror story- remembering of course, that it’s family friendly?
We would have a running joke, “Wouldn’t suck if we set up and we were in the wrong place?” It was always funny until it actually happened. We were setting up at the Holiday Inn in Grand Island for a University of Nebraska frat party. We had everything set up…PA, lights..etc… We were doing a sound check, when a little girl from Kearney came in and said, “We had a DJ coming to play, who are you guys?” At the same time, the guys from the frat house were trying to find us. Talk about a fast tear down and set up at the “other” Holiday Inn.

What gear are you using now?
I have about eight modified Fender basses, along with a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 with a 4/10 Genz Benz cab. EBS pedals and Line 6 wireless, and Shure in-ears for now.

Best Concerts:
Some of the best concerts I’ve seen were Frank Zappa, Steely Dan, Kansas, Yes, ELO, Edgar Winter, Beach Boys, Sha Na Na, Dobbie Brothers, Toto, Earth Wind and Fire, Dukes of September, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, and so many others.

Most Disappointing Concerts:
The worst concert I’ve ever seen was Kraftwerk. Awful…just…awful.